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The UV Advantage 

There is something about a beautiful day that elevates your mood, relaxes your mind and energizes your body! Did you know…


  • The body’s main source (80-100%) of Vitamin D is UV Light from the sun. 

  • The brain produces more of the mood-lifting chemical serotonin on sunny days
    than cloudy days. 

  • Indoor tanning provides a level of control that cannot be obtained outdoors.

  • You are 80% less likely to sunburn outdoors if you’ve already built up a  base tan.

  • So this is an ideal way to prep your skin before your summer or winter holidays.

Here at the brown experience we aim to always provide you with information to help you make safe decisions involving tanning in our salons.  We will continue to provide education and guidance to ensure all of our customers practice responsible indoor and outdoor tanning habits.

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